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Related Entries

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This plugin will output a series of "related" entries based on keyword matching.


Installation & Usage

  1. Download the latest version.
  2. Upload the plugin file (related-posts.php) to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it.
  3. You will notice a "Related Posts Options" tab under your "Plugins" tab. If this is your first time installing this plugin please click the link for index table setup script at the bottom of the options page. You only need to do this once when you install the plugin for the first time. If automatic setup fails (can happen and may not even be my fault) read on ...
  4. If automatic creation of a full text index fails. You will have to set it up manually. Don't worry it's not hard. Just open your database in phpMySQLadmin and run the following command (cut & paste):


ALTER TABLE `wp_posts` ADD FULLTEXT `post_related` (


`post_name` ,




*Note:* You may have to change wp_posts to something else if you are using a different prefix, which is common when you have multiple WP installs running of the same database.


The plugin is called using:





Starting with version 2.0 you can just use the options page to customize the look and output. However you can use the following guide to edit the paremeters manually if you wish.



related_posts($limit, $len, '$before_title', '$after_title', '$before_post', '$after_post', $show_pass_post, $show_excerpt);


  • $limit - No. of related entries to display. (Defaut: 5)
  • $len - Desired excerpt length (no. of words). (Default: 10)
  • $before/after_title - Text to insert before/after the title section.
  • $before/after_post - Text to insert before/after the post exceprt section, if displayed.
  • $show_pass_post - Toggle show/hide password protected posts. (Default: False)
  • $show_excerpt - Toggle show/hide excerpts. (Default: False)




related_posts(5, 10, '< li >', '< /li >', , , false, false);



Mike extended the plugin to allow manual correlation of entries using keywords. This is especially useful in situations where post title may have little to do with the post's actual content.


Keywords are specified by placing into your article. The plugin will store these keywords into a custom field and use them instead of the post title to find possible related entries.


Using WordPress' Own Excerpt Field

There is a version that allows to use the built in excerpt field as opposed to the autogenerated one. Just download the appropriate version if you wish to do so.


Related Entries for your 404

This is an extension of the original plugin to make your 404 error page useful.


What it does

This plugin will only work if you had/have a permalink schema with the post titles in it. For example, /archives/2006/01/02/post-title or similar. In that case the plugin will strip out everything but the post title and use it to find entries that may be related to what the user may be looking for. I have it running on this site and it seems to be working reasonably well ... regex is a bit iffy but it seems to strip out most rubbish that people may type into URLs.


Uh, what it doesn’t do ... yet


I tried doing a is_404 check, but it kept borking on me for some reason. So I just stuck in an extra function related_posts_404() that should be inserted into your 404 page (404 template in the theme you are using NOT a regular 404 page).web hosting


Ideally, the plugin should also be able to grab link text or search terms and use them to find possibly related entries to list on your 404. This is something that will help with SEO and I would like to implement in the future. While using search terms makes sense link text doesn’t because people often use “link”, “via” etc.


Download & Install


Download and follow the regular installation instructions. The options page is global and will be used for the main plugin and this 404 extension.






Related Posts 2.02



Related Posts 2.02 404

Related Posts 2.02 WP Exerpt


Older versions


Related Posts 1.1

Related Posts 1.2

Related Posts 1.2 E

Related Posts 1.2 EM

Related Posts 1.2P

Related Posts 1.3

Related Posts 1.3.3

Related Posts 2.0

Related Posts 2.01




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