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Random Posts and Random Excerpts

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Both of these are pillars of simplicity. One will pull up a list of random posts and the other a list of random excerpts. Random excerpts is aimed at photobloggers who post photo thumbnails into the excerpt field.



Installation & Usage

  1. Download and extract.
  2. Upload to /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Enable the plugin.
  4. The plugins are called using:


random_posts($limit, $len, $before_title, $after_title, $before_post, $after_post, $show_pass_post, $show_excerpt);




random_excerpt($limit, $len, $before_title, $after_title, $before_post, $after_post, $show_pass_post, $show_excerpt);




  • $limit - No. of posts to show.
  • $len - Lenght of the auto-generated excerpt.
  • $before_title - Text to appear before the entry title.
  • $after_title - Text to appear after the entry title.
  • $before_post - Text to appear before the entry excerpt.
  • $after_post - Text to appear after the entry excerpt.
  • $show_pass_post = Include/exclude password protected entries (Default: false).
  • $show_excerpt = Show/hide excerpt (Default: false).





Random Posts

Random Excerpts

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